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Our Vision

Rudolf Steiner seeded a form of education that addresses the whole child and encourages the unfolding of each individual’s potential.

He saw the School as a cultural hub that fosters creativity and deep learning. A place where Goodness, Beauty and Truth are embedded values that inform the Schools ethos, the method of education and its delivery.

These seminal principles inspire the Ghilgai Community daily and enliven our vision of education.

Our Mission Statement

Ghilgai Steiner School practises Steiner Education.  We endeavour to educate the children wholistically via a balanced curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment, which fosters clarity in thinking, depth in feeling and strength of will, so that as adults they will be able to contribute to society as creative, ethical and responsible citizens.

We strive to build confidence, initiative and responsibility, seeking to maintain a balance between the growth of the individual and that of the Community. We actively work towards an accepting and compassionate School Community which is founded on a harmonious union between School and home.

Understanding, patience, Inclusion

These values are the heart of all uplifting social interaction – they flourish in the fertile soil of empathy.

Steiner Education fosters sensitivity in diverse ways. Art, Craft, Music Eurythmy, Drama play a seminal role.

Via Great Literature the child ‘lives with’ many inspiring people. Great stories open the soul and seed new potential. They provide a catalyst for growth.


Day by day we strive to foster kindness in our Community. Tiny acts of kindness nourish both the recipient and the giver – there’s magic in kindness; it grows; it spreads. It feeds self-esteem.


In a warm supportive environment, the child feels comfortable and is prepared to ‘have a go’. And when he fails, he’s able to pick himself up and try again… and the fruits of this sort of confidence are rich and varied. Failure becomes an illuminating mentor!


Steiner Education fosters harmonious integration of the body, soul and spirit. In a many layered way it fosters and nourishes confidence.

Our Philosophy

Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) articulated a philosophy that honoured the spiritual nature mankind, nourished the soul or inner life and provided for the wellbeing of the physical body.

He saw the human being as a threefold being with an independent spirit, a socially engaged soul, and a motivated, bodily will.

In the education movement that commonly bears his name, this is developed as a pedagogy of ongoing child development that attends in detail to each of the three stages of education as the child’s independent powers of thinking, feeling and willing emerge sequentially. In early childhood via creative play and hands-on work; in the primary school years via living, artistic teaching; and in secondary school via learning based on the acquisition of clear thinking and judgement.

The child must have time to grow within each stage. Each of these stages is foundational for the next one.

Our approach to curriculum and methodology originates from these principles. Thus, we have a specific point of departure, and consequently a distinct pathway; we do however have a destination in common with all who strive to develop the potential of each child.

Grounding our Philosophy

Rudolf Steiner saw education as a continuum and his Educational Frameworks linked the curriculum with the child’s unfolding development. Education is approached in an wholistic way and teaching proceeds in sequential stages. Music and the Arts nourish the child. Practical activities ground him.

Steiner Education is built upon the premise that a healthy childhood provides a solid foundation for a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Ghilgai supports the child’s need to be part of nature and to enjoy time out from the stresses of the early commercialisation of childhood. Our Foundation Year cohort is given time for deep imaginative play each day.

The Curriculum at Ghilgai aligns with The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework (ASCF).

Ghilgai provides a Curriculum Overview for each Class cohort so that each Class Teacher is able to see the potential of that year level and adhere to School Standards. It is not prescriptive, there is scope for the teacher’s creativity.

In order to practise the wholistic education the Class Teacher accompanies the child as he journeys from Class 1 to Class 6.

The Main Lesson Blocks in the first session of each day (9.30 – 10.45) provide an opportunity for deep expansive teaching and learning. Artistic work is often embedded in intellectual pursuits and adds a rich dimension to the fields of study.

Specialist teachers – German/Music/Craft/PE/Eurythmy enrich the child’s week.

Class Teachers make adjustments for individual needs. Other learning supports are also offered – so that each child has the opportunity to maximise his/her potential.

In various ways Ghilgai honours the gifted child and meets his/her thirst for learning whilst at the same time fostering his/her development in weaker areas.

School Structure – Overview

Ghilgai’s management structure is free and fluid.  It is not dependent on any single person.  It is enriched and strengthened by the many people who flow through it. It is a strong, firm structure made up of four interweaving bodies.

The College of Teachers is comprised of all the Teachers at Ghilgai. This is the sensing heart of the School.

Every day we live with the children and share their scene. Daily we see the needs of the School around us and feel its energy moving through us.  We do not migrate to a staffroom away from the ebb-and-flow of the School Community life.

Individually we spend long hours in preparation in order to enable our vision for each class to be realised. We have a common vision for our School and work hard to uphold it. Our shared values unite us. We nourish and support one another as we journey through the class levels.     

We meet regularly as a staff to deal with practicalities, to consider issues, to grow in education. To collaborate and consider individual students and to work for their potential.

“Upon our table nourishing bread and living water are always available.”

The College of Teachers Executive has a maximum of 3 members drawn from the College of Teachers. The Education Coordinator also attends.

The College of Teachers Executive is a strong entity with the responsibility of principal-ship. The capacity of each person is expanded in the climate offered by the potential of all the others.  The life of the school weaves through the College of Teachers Executive.

This body meets fortnightly, and otherwise as frequently as necessary when urgent matters arise. Decisions arise from consensus.  When working on a difficult or delicate issue the College of Teachers Executive may have to meet on several consecutive days in order to gain resolution. At times it may have to work on a major issue over several weeks – treading deliberately with love and care and respect, secure in confidentiality.

The College of Teachers Executive is responsible for curriculum, student learning outcomes, student wellbeing, Teacher performance and development, the safety of the School Community, compliance with Government regulations.

The College Charter governs the work of the College of Teachers Executive. It is constituted as a committee of the Board of Directors; it is accountable to the Board.

The Board of Directors – Governance

Is responsible for financial and legal matters

It enables the wellbeing of the school

The Board meets monthly

The Ghilgai School Constitution is a legal document that details all operations of the Board.     

The Parent Seed Group

The Parent Seed Group is a School Committee formally recognised by the Board of Directors.

 It is accountable to the College of Teachers Executive. It is bound by the Parent Seed Group Handbook. It fosters the ethos of Ghilgai School, it seeds community-building activities, social and cultural activities and raises funds for targeted projects.

These four bodies form a living whole – one body bound together by the cords of love. Love for the children. The children-of-the-present and the children-of-the-future. All the children who will, in the years to come, be the guardians of earth.