Child Safe Our Code of Conduct


Ghilgai is a Child Safe School

Our Child Safe Policies and procedures are available under 7 headings.


  1. Foundations
  2. Our Code of Conduct
  3. Harassment
  4. Bullying
  5. Cyber Bullying
  6. Polluting the imagination via explicit imagery
  7. Child abuse/Child protection

These documents are supported by

  • Mandatory Reporting – procedures for teachers – each teacher has a copy available on request.
  • Procedures for Teachers/College members/Directors – these are found in the respective Handbooks and supply further details re. our Child Safety Procedures

1. Foundations (1)

  • Our commitment to student wellbeing
  • Sustaining a culture of respect and care.
  • Uplifting behavior that nourishes the community.
  • Unacceptable behavior – community wide
  • Basic School rules – adults/students
  • Parent agreement to support wellbeing.

2. Our Code of Conduct

  • The web of relationships
  • Teacher to student 1a Breaches
  • Student to teacher
  • Student to student
  • Student to adult

    Breaches of our Code/Students

  • Adult to Student Breaches 5a Breaches
  • Teacher to parent 6a Breaches
  • Parent to Teacher 7a Breaches
  • Adult to adult 8a Breaches

3. Harassment (1)

  • What is it?
  • Aspects of Harassment
  • Response – see Bullying

4. Bullying

  • What is Bullying?
  • Tactics Bullies use.
  • How to report Bullying
  • How to help your child/recipient
  • The school response/Recipient
  • The school response/Perpetrator
  • Towards renewal – supporting the perpetrator

5. Cyber Bullying

  • What is Cyber Bullying?
  • Cyber Bullying has many forms
  • Fostering Cyber Safety
  • Our response to Cyber Bullying
  • Community resources for parents

6. Polluting the imagination via explicit imagery

  • What is it / effects
  • Our response

7.Protection from Child abuse

  • What is Child abuse?
  • Ghilgai is a safe supportive environment
  • Empowering students
  • Protecting our students
  • Reporting Child abuse/parents