Enrolment Policy

The Enrolment Policy is shown below, or click HERE to view, print or download the Enrolment Policy in PDF format.

Ghilgai Enrolment Policy


  1. Our Vision Statement
  2. Our name
  3. Policy Aims
  4. Compliance with legal requirements
  5. Admission criteria
  6. Factors involved in the Schools admission process
  7. Our Code of Conduct – essentials
  8. Facets of Steiner Education at Ghilgai
  9. Parent Commitment to Ghilgai Ethos
  10. Agreement to support community wellbeing
  11. Our admission process
  12. Who decides on the child’s entry?
  13. Termination of a child’s enrolment
  14. Scholarship
  15. Fee Schedule
  16. Playgroups

Ghilgai is a small Steiner School nestled at the foot of Mt Dandenong. We cater for students from Foundation Year (Pre-Year 1) to Class 6. Maximum 20 students per class. We also have Community and Rostered Playgroups.

1. Our Vision statement

Ghilgai Steiner School practices Steiner Education. We endeavour to educate the child holistically via a balanced curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment, which fosters clarity in thinking, depth in feeling and strength of will, so that as adults they will be able to contribute to society as creative, ethical and responsible citizens.

We strive to build confidence, initiative and responsibility, seeking to maintain a balance between the growth of the individual and that of the group entity.

We actively work towards an accepting and compassionate community which is founded on an harmonious union between school and home.

2.Our Name

Ghilgai is an aboriginal word meaning “water hole” in a dryish country. We interpret this image broadly and hope our school may indeed be a watering hole for students, teachers, parents and the wider school community, recognising that in each one of us there is a place, a ‘hole’ that is able to receive the nurturing rains that replenish body, soul and spirit.

3.Policy Aims

  • To ensure admission to the school is fair, transparent and non-discriminatory.
  • To explain clearly the basis on which offers of admission are made.
  • To explain the grounds on which an enrolment agreement may be terminated.

4.Compliance with legal requirements

  • Ghilgai complies with the requirements of Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic.) and other relevant legislation.
  • Ghilgai is committed to maintaining accurate records that comply with the school’s legal obligations in relation to school enrolment.
  • Ghilgai keeps and retains accurate records of school enrolments that comply with its Commonwealth and State legal and regulatory requirements.

5.Admissions Criteria

  • Ghilgai welcomes all children regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, social or cultural background gender and ability.
  • Ghilgai School is founded upon the values and educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Our School expects that the families seeking to enrol will espouse these values in daily life.

6.Factors involved in the School’s admissions process

In considering a child for enrolment, the Education Coordinator and the College of Teachers Executive will reflect on the following factors in making a decision. The order in which they are presented does not necessarily indicate priority; the weight given to any particular factor may vary according to circumstance;

  1. relative position on waiting list (established by date of interview);
  2. commitment of parents to the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner in general, and the ethos and practices of Ghilgai School in particular;
  3. recognition that this commitment implies ethical and financial responsibilities.
  4. whether the child is transferring from another Steiner School and will clearly benefit from continuing with this form of education;
  5. whether siblings are currently enrolled in the School;
  6. whether application is being made to enrol siblings in the School (see ‘whole family’ comment);
  7. the content of the child’s most recent school reports – we are a smaller school and we need to be sure that we can meet your child’s needs;
  8. the composition and needs of the class at present, together with the teacher’s capabilities to meet the needs of the children already enrolled in that class, and whether that capacity can extend further. The College of Teachers may close enrolments into a class with fewer than 20 children for pedagogical reasons. This may a short term or a long-term closure.

7.Our Code of Conduct – abridged

Ghilgai is a Child Safe School

  • Our children are supported by caring and informed adults who work as a team to maintain Ghilgai as a sanctuary for childhood.
  • Together we strive to provide a safe environment that fosters the wellbeing of each child and so maximizes his/her potential.
  • We have an embedded organizational culture of child safety that is
  • Supported by clear strong well publicized policies and a proactive approach
  • Underpinned by the vigilance of our school leaders – Directors, College of Teachers, and whole school staff
  • We practice inclusion – we embrace disability, giftedness and difference.  We are sensitive to the needs to the First Peoples of this land.
  • We practice zero tolerance of child abuse.
  • We practice zero tolerance of harassment/bullying/cyber bullying.
  • We review all incidents at College level and review our Child Safe Code of Conduct – every 3 years.
  • Protection from Child Abuse / Section 7 / Reviewed annually.

Complete Code of Conduct under Policies

Basic School Rules adults/students

Basic rules for adults

  • Respectful cooperative behavior – personal contact/emails/phone
  • Adherence to traffic rules within school environments
  • No dogs – w/o prior special arrangement
  • Respect for school property
  • Support for our food policy (Induction pack)
  • Support for our student dress policy (Handbook)

Basic rules for students

  • Respectful cooperative behaviour
  • Respect for the property of others
  • Respect for school property
  • No littering or graffiti
  • Adherence to school boundaries
  • Adherence to our food code
  • Adherence to our dress code
  • Adherence to safety rules
  • Punctuality
  • No mobile phones/electronic games/iPads etc.

Safety rules

  • No running in designated areas
  • No throwing of objects not designed for that purpose e.g. Sticks/stones
  • No skateboards, Frisbees, roller blades, knives, glass containers, hard balls, toy guns/sticks
  • No rough games/fighting games
  • No tackling/manhandling
  • Unacceptable Behaviours
  • Uplifting Behaviours that nourish community
  • Respect for all
  • Courtesy
  • Cooperation
  • Inclusion
  • Kindness
  • Helpfulness
  • Care of others/property
  • Truthfulness
  • Courage – to be a voice for another
  • Supportive affirmations/I like that/Well done
  • Gratitude
  • Disfigurement or destruction of property
  • Disrespectful behaviours, intimidation – verbal or physical
  • Disruptive behaviour that impacts on the wellbeing of others
  • Uncooperative behaviour
  • Teasing/taunts/insults
  • Stealing
  • Bribery
  • Threatening behaviour – physical/gesture/verbal
  • Swearing/foul language
  • Spitting
  • Harassment
  • Dangerous behaviours
  • Interfering with the property of others
  • Passing on sexual images – verbal/actual
  • Bullying


8. Facets of Steiner Education at Ghilgai

  • The understanding of child development, the curriculum and teaching methods are derived from the indications of Rudolf Steiner, developed and elaborated in Steiner schools worldwide.
  • Ghilgai’s curriculum is aligned with the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.
  • Our Codes of Conduct are based upon respect and kindness and enable Ghilgai to sustain a safe warm environment for everyone. All members of the school community are required to uphold our Codes.
  • In order to develop in a wholesome way children need a healthy environment good nutrition, rejuvenating sleep, limited access to television/videos/DVD’s/computers and computer games.
  • Children need supervision re media content – scenes of violence and sexuality pollute the child’s imagination and in an ongoing way harm others.
  • Parents and Teachers need to co-work in order to foster the child’s potential. Ghilgai thus expects parents to support celebrations, attend interviews and class meetings when they are offered.
  • Parents need to stay in touch with the school and the teachers and be informed about their child’s/children’s education.
  • Essentially the school believes that parents will value this education. An indicator of this will be that they apply to enrol all their children of relevant age. In cases where this does not occur, we reserve the right to enquire regarding the specific circumstances.
  • Continuity is important to us. We would like to know about your child’s early years, kindergarten, year, previous school. We seek your permission to contact previous preschool/schools in order to gain a deeper understanding of your child’s needs. You will be asked to include a letter of introduction with your enrolment application.


9. Parent Commitment to Ghilgai Ethos

In enrolling our child(ren) in Ghilgai Steiner School, we make a commitment

1.   to the principles of education espoused by Ghilgai Steiner School (outlined in Facets of Steiner Education).

2.   to uphold Ghilgai’s Code of Conduct and to assist our child/children to do so too.

3. to accept all decisions made by the College of Teachers Executive and to uphold those expectations and obligations.

4.   to respect and be bound by all other policies, rules and regulations that the school may notify from time to time.

5. to adhere to the Schools Privacy Policy.

6. to meet our financial commitments as they fall due. To be bound by the conditions of the Schools fee policy (available in our Handbook or via our Bursar).

Signed: ……………………………………………… Parent 1.    Date: …/…/…

Signed: ……………………………………………… Parent 2     Date: …/…/…

The College of Teachers Executive make this decision. Parents may appeal to the Board of Directors.

Ongoing breaches of this commitment to our School could incur termination of your child’s enrolment. The College of Teachers Executive make this decision. Parents may appeal to the Board of Directors.


10.Agreement to Support School Community Well-Being

I agree to support Ghilgai’s striving for the well-being of all students as outlined in the Child Safety Code of Conduct, Protection from Child Abuse policies.

I undertake to inform the School via a note of incidents of demeaning behaviour within the school environment as soon as I am aware of them.

I will work cooperatively with the School to resolve any unacceptable behaviour that my child displays. I understand that sometimes food additives and sugar, TV, videos, computer games, etc, may influence behaviour and will evaluate these potentially negative influences on my child’s behaviour.

I understand that my child may be expected on occasions to spend ‘time out’ in another class, if he/she behaves in a disruptive or intimidatory way repeatedly. On other occasions he/she may have to stay at home for a “consideration day” in order to give the class respite time and to allow the child time to find his/her calm centre point again, away from the class.

In the event of extreme circumstances I will come immediately to pick up my child if requested to do so.

If I am told that my child often intimidates others through words or deeds or is involved in antisocial behaviour I will work with the Class Teacher and College of Teachers to assist him/her to overcome his/her difficulty.

Parent 1: ……………………………………………..  Date: ………………….

Parent 2: …………………………………………….Date: …………………..


11. Our Admissions Process

The journey from Foundation Year to Class 6 is a wonderful journey! A shared journey – teachers and parents co-working to maximise the child’s potential.

Ghilgai expects parents and children to enter our School joyfully and enthusiastically… and in order to have arrived at this place parents need to have actively chosen Steiner Education. Avail yourself of the follow opportunities:

  • Ghilgai has Tours monthly – come along and see our School at work. Followed up by a group conversation with our Education Coordinator.
  • Peruse our website – check out our Code of Conduct, read excerpts from our Newsletters.
  • Steiner Education celebrates its centenary in 2019. View the celebratory video 100 years of Steiner Education at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfec6eF4I_4
  • Enquire about Playgroups at enrol@ghilgai.com.au
  • Submit an enrolment application. Include a letter of Introduction with it.
  • Chat to our Education Coordinator about your child’s entry to Ghilgai.
  • Meet your child’s class teachers after you have enrolled.
  • Set up an occasion for your child to visit the School.
  • Playgroup visits also available.
  • Our Open Day at the end of November each year is a splendid occasion, an opportunity to travel through classes Foundation to Class 6, to enjoy the rich displays of student work and to glimpse the unfolding of our broad and deep curriculum. It’s also a day of music as the children share, class by class, the fruits of their year.

12. Who decides upon the child’s entry to Ghilgai?

  • The Enrolment Coordinator receives enrolment applications.
  • The Education Coordinator follows up the application and meets parents and child. The Education Coordinator may request School reports/previous assessments/medical information/a conversation with the child’s previous school or anything that will assist the School to better understand the student’s needs.
  • The Education Coordinator reports to the College of Teachers Executive.
  • He/she tables all information re a prospective student for College consideration.
  • The College of Teachers Executive may take time to consider the application before they make a decision. The decision of the College of Teachers Executive is final.

13. Termination of a student’s enrolment

This may be caused by

  • a total breakdown in communication between parents and School personnel.
  • entrenched unacceptable behaviour and entrenched parental lack of co-operation to work with the School to resolve the matter.
  • expulsion – see procedures for breach of Codes of Conduct in Behaviour Management Policy.
  • This includes unacceptable behaviour online.
    termination by Directors due to accumulation of O/S fees.
  • parents will be notified in advance of an impending termination of enrolment by the College of Teachers Executive, or in the case of fees by the Bursar for the Directors.
  • parent’s may appeal to the Board of Directors re the CTE decision.
  • The decision of the Board of Directors is Final.

Annual Scholarship

Ghilgai offers a Scholarship each year. This is a fee free place for the child’s duration at Ghilgai.

The level of entry varies from year to year. Applications available late August, closing date early December.

Scholarship applicants follow the Scholarship application process.

  • Formal application – student details
  • Accompanying introductory letter.
  • References
  • Interviews with the School.
  • The CTE decides on the Scholarship child/children.
  • Scholarship agreement – signed by Parent/Bursar/CTE representative.


Playgroup provides a warm and gentle time and space for parents and young children to meet and enjoy each other’s company. With beautiful gifts from the natural world for the children’s play and songs, rhymes and stories to be enjoyed, children arrive eager and depart content. Each group is guided by our playgroup facilitator.

Community Playgroup

Parents and children join together for these sessions. Ages 5 and under.

Rostered Playgroup

We also offer a Playgroup for older children. This is a rostered group (in which parents are rostered in turn as carers). This requires parental attendance in one session out of every three or four, according to numbers. Priority for this group will be given to children who are 3½ – 4 years of age.

Playgroup Session Times

Monday Community Playgroup 9 – 11am

Monday (Rostered Playgroup 3+ yrs. plus 12.00 – 2.30)

Tuesday Community Playgroup 9.00 – 11.00

Tuesday (Rostered Playgroup 3+ yrs. plus 12.00 – 2.30)

Thursday morning (Rostered Playgroup 3+ yrs. plus 9 – 11.30am)

Friday (Rostered Playgroup 3+ yrs. plus 9 – 11.30am)

To enquire further, or to obtain enrolment forms, please contact: Michelle  (Enrolment Coordinator) 9761 8369 Email: enrol@ghilgai.com.au