Facets of Steiner Education

The Main Lesson

The Main Lesson forms the core of each day. It is here that Literacy and Numeracy are taught in a rich and deep way, utilizing the first one and a half hours of the day when the children are fresh and alert. The Main Lesson Book that is developed during the block becomes a treasured record of each child’s journey to wondrous lands of learning. The Main Lesson Blocks rotate and gradually, across the school years, new strands are added.

The Class Teacher

It is the class teacher who daily quickens in the children the joy of learning; he/she moves up with the class and leads them on year by year in the Main Lesson Blocks to ever expanding worlds of discovery. The class teacher has thus a strong ongoing relationship with each student and his/her family. Specialist teachers in Music, Physical Education, Craft and Eurythmy complement and enrich the child’s school week.

The curriculum framework given by Rudolf Steiner matches the unfolding development of the child stage by stage and gives him/her time to grow within each stage in order to provide surety for the next. It addresses the head, heart and hands and nourishes the whole person. Artistic and intellectual work complement and enrich each other, many themes are worked in an integrated way. Foundations are solid, broad and deep; strands emerge gradually.

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