Welcome to Ghilgai Steiner School

Ghilgai is an aboriginal word meaning ‘water hole’ in a dryish country. We interpret this broadly and hope our School may indeed be a watering hole for Students, Teachers, Parents, and the wider School Community; recognizing that in each one of us there is a place – a hole – that is able to receive the nurturing rains that replenish body, soul and spirit.

Ghilgai Steiner School, at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, provides Rudolf Steiner education for children from playgroups through to Class 6. The school’s secluded bush setting is a sanctuary for childhood.

“Steiner Education strives to ennoble the mind
and to fire the imagination;
to fortify the will
and to quicken the initiative for life;
to sow such seeds as may produce new vision and discovery
in the years to come:
not to mould the mind
but to enable it to grow to new dimensions.
Thus it serves the present for the future
and awakens the motivation for lifelong education
and self-development.”
– Francis Edmunds

Affordable Steiner Education – Foundation Year to Cl 6

Ghilgai Steiner School offers Steiner Education to families from all walks of life. In order to achieve this goal our fees, since inception, have been moderate. 

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Chat with us on 9761 8369 or email enrol@ghilgai.com.au