From the Parents

What the parents

wrote about Ghilgai.

“The reason I chose Ghilgai for ‘Martin’ was because I wanted him to spend his childhood years in a safe and nurturing environment and in a place where he could participate in activities that are often denied boys. He has received all of these things at Ghilgai and much more. I am sure that the richness of Steiner Education will be with him throughout his life. Thank you Ghilgai.”

“Ghilgai is in many ways unique and I am so glad that my son and daughter were privileged enough to be nurtured along by all the goodness in it… They were lucky children to have had
such a rich and secure foundation, endowing them with a sense of wholeness and wholesomeness. As we move on, I feel sad at leaving my children’s childhood behind us as well. Ghilgai has been such an encompassing shelter for this.”

“ I must admit that when ’Bruce’ first came to the school I felt a tad sceptical of what the Steiner method of education could do for us. Then after being at Ghilgai a short while I began to see changes in him and then over time we grew to feel secure in the knowledge that our children were in a warm and nurturing environment.
Thank you for Ghilgai, our children have had a wonderful journey here. Ghilgai is a real gem.”

“Thank you, thank you, Ghilgai has changed our world. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity to experience such love and beauty. ‘Roger’ has been given the best chance to grow into the young man that has humour and love in so much that he does, and I’m sure will continue to do. It has been amazing!”

“Thank you very much for the opportunities provided our children through attending Ghilgai.
We just know that we were so fortunate that our son and daughter could attend Ghilgai where they were nurtured and richly educated throughout their most formative years.
Thank you to all the staff for this unique experience.”

“Ghilgai has been a safe harbour for all of us and I will treasure the love and wealth of knowledge it has given me and my girls forever.”

“I will be forever grateful and deeply appreciative of all that Ghilgai has given to my two children. The love, nurturing, art, music, eurythmy… just plain everything. You have left a mark on our hearts which we shall lovingly carry with us as we continue our outward journey.
…Thank you so much Dear Ghilgai…”

“Ghilgai is a beautiful and nurturing place where my son has flourished and has had instilled in him confidence, joy and freedom to be himself. He has had a lovely all-round education
where his head, heart and soul have been uplifted and nourished and it has been wonderful to see him grow.”

“We would like to thank you for giving our son the opportunity of a new beginning four years ago. He was able to move on and heal from a difficult situation due to the support he received at
Ghilgai. He has been able to transform personally, socially and educationally… he is a different boy and we shall always be grateful that we found this School.”