The Fruits of Steiner Education

We’re rolling up to the last month of another year… and at Ghilgai this means Graduation for Class 6… and Farewell to Class 6.

For some, it’s the end of an eight year journey-path which began with a few weekly sessions as a four year old. This was followed by Foundation year and six years of Primary Schooling.

 …I see Class 6 standing on a mountain top, a soft breeze sways the grass. Each student has his/her wings folded down but when I look carefully I can see them glinting in a gentle sun. -They’re ready to fly!

One day in November 1994 I was inspired by the beauty and strength of my exiting Class Six and the following thoughts fell from my pen into my diary.

We wrote then on the blackboard for Open Day.

 It was a way of sharing the fruits of Steiner Education with our visitors…a “free translation” of our educational goals.

An expression of student full-fillment.

– I have travelled far and I am eager to journey on.

– I am capable in ‘the tool subjects’, Maths/English more than this…

– I am able to think clearly and creatively so that this knowledge is applied in manifold ways.

– I am a Questioner and a seeker of Truth … so … I can enter a new field of learning with open expectancy.

– I am confident – quietly acknowledge my strengths and know that with effort I can overcome any weakness.

– My individuality is strong nevertheless I strive to live in harmony with others. To be tolerant, understanding and compassionate. To live responsibly within my environment.

– I have diverse skills. I am practical. My body is well co-ordinated. I know how to care for it and nourish it.

– I am independent, I am not a reed in the wind. I value my friends, yet I do not easily succumb to peer group pressure.

– I have a sense of purpose. I know how to exercise initiative.

– I do not expect life to be a ‘bed of roses’. I am adaptable and buoyant. I am learning to ride the waves.

– I have great treasure – gems/gold/pearls, from many cultural epochs. My inner has been well nourished. I have much to draw on as I search for meaning on Life’s way.

– I’ve often got a spwinkle in my eye (!) and a chuckle in my heart (!) – These ripple forth from an inner joy.

Ruth – Education Coordinator