Ghilgai Offers

Ghilgai offers a joyful, caring, supportive environment.

Encouragement of our students to strive for excellence in all areas of learning.

Maximum class size of 20.

A Code of Behaviour for the school community in order to provide for the well-being of all.

Emphasis on a strong co-working between home and school.

Strong structures to monitor student learning embedded in lessons in a non-intrusive way. (See our Performance Report for an overview.)

Clear meaningful student profiles and varied opportunities to see and discuss student work.

One on one remedial time by trained teachers available for students needing extra support in Literacy/Numeracy.

Rich musical education via classroom community recorder playing and singing.

Timetabled music-making sessions for all classes with a specialist music teacher coupled with music reading and writing sessions for upper classes.

Percussion ensemble and singing groups

Instrumental lessons with visiting teachers — guitar, piano, violin, cello

Artistic work that emerges from the Main Lesson fields and deepens all learning — painting, drawing, modeling constructions, paper work.

A specialist craft teacher giving handwork lessons to each class.

A LOTE program that fosters a love of language and provides a foundation for the study of another tongue at secondary school.

Regular Physical Education with a specialist teacher.

Many opportunities to develop via collaborative, co-operative group learning and team work.

A structured approach to the teaching of individual research skills laying a solid platform for computer work which, on the continuum of the whole school Steiner Curriculum, is placed in the early secondary years.

Strong emphasis on Projects and individual tasks that foster practicality, independence and initiative and creativity.

Basic computer skills and guidance in cyber-safety in Class 6.

Regular class plays that nourish and challenge individual potential, build class community and give joy to all.

Whole school singing and sharing each week. Parents welcomed.

Opportunity to give to others less fortunate. Ghilgai raises around $1000 each year for a chosen orphanage, donates winter and Christmas food and participates annually in Pyjama Day for Wesley Mission.

Community celebrations…The festivals are a highlight each year. At Easter, after a whole school gathering, paired classes meet together in a chosen classroom to share a story, offer each other a handmade gift, and break Easter bread together.

At midwinter, a whole school gathering in the darkness becomes light with community singing before lanterns are lit and the community walks around the school. Spring is a festival of flowers, and Christmas takes place as a time of joyful sharing.

A Winter Arts Festival for students. Visiting artists who will inspire and bring delight in the midst of the winter term.

Our Open Day each year is a celebration of our community life. It is organized and run by the parents. The children’s music items enliven the day and the teachers transform each classroom into a rich world of experience manifesting the fruits of the year’s work. It is a nourishing point.