Ghilgai Offers

Ghilgai offers a joyful caring, supportive learning environment.


– have strong Codes of Behaviour for the School Community that support the well-being of each child.

– cultivate kindness.

– practise empathy. Each month the teachers and students have a fun activity to raise money for those in need, for our environment and for all its creatures.

– have a dedicated band of experienced and creative teachers who work hard to provide nourishing lessons that address the head, the heart, the hands.

– have a warm and supportive Parent Community.

– enjoy weekly Whole School Gatherings – singing, sharing news, celebrating birthdays. Parents are welcome.

– celebrate the seasons – Autumn, Easter, Mid Winter, Spring, Christmas. These festivals enrich us all – Children, Teachers, Parents.

Ghilgai is

a beautiful place

to learn

to grow

to be.