Our Vision

Rudolf Steiner seeded a form of education that addresses the whole child and encourages the unfolding of each individual’s potential. He saw the School as a cultural hub that fosters creativity and deep learning. A place where Goodness, Beauty and Truth are embedded values that inform the Schools ethos, the method of education and its delivery.

These seminal principles inspire the Ghilgai Community daily and enliven our vision of educational mission.

Our Mission

Ghilgai Steiner School reflects the values of Steiner Education. We endeavour to educate the children holistically via a balanced curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment, one which fosters clarity in thinking, depth in feeling and strength of will, so that as adults they will be able to contribute to society as creative, ethical and responsible citizens.

We strive to build confidence, initiative and responsibility, seeking to maintain a balance between the growth of the individual and that of the group entity. We actively work towards an accepting and compassionate community which is founded on an harmonious union between school and home.