Student Wellbeing

Ghilgai is a Child Safe School.

– Our children are supported by caring and informed adults who work as a team to maintain Ghilgai as a sanctuary for childhood.

– Together we strive to provide a safe environment that fosters the wellbeing of each child.

– Good discipline fosters student wellbeing and student wellbeing is necessary for optimum student learning.

– Good discipline is a foundational attribute of Quality Teaching.

– A strong Code of Conduct provides the foundation for good discipline. (see Policies)

– Once established good discipline needs to be sustained day by day, hour by hour.

– The establishment and maintenance of good discipline is a whole-school activity.

– Good discipline and whole school wellbeing is underpinned by kindness.

– At Ghilgai kindness is cultivated… and it blooms here.

– The College of Teachers Executive is responsible for School Wellbeing.

– excerpt from Ghilgai Discipline Policy

Scattering Kindnessis a Whole School Activity.

We’ve talked about kindness often and often at our Friday Whole School Sharings.

We’ve practised kindness to those around us and we’ve spread it on the wind and let it fall in unexpected places… and stories of kindness have warmed the cockles of our hearts.

That’s what kindness does – it warms the Other – the recipient, and at the same time it creates a glow in the heart of the Giver.

It’s not so easy to be mean and snurly if you’re supported by the kindness around you.  Kindness has the power to change your day and set your feet upon a new path.

Someone/somewhere spoke about ‘the milk of human kindness’. Think about milk – its nourishing capacity.  Think about a mother’s milk and the growth forces that the baby receives from it. Then reflect for a moment on the way kindness can expand the soul of the recipient, and the giver – deed by deed.

Within each of us there is a hunger for warm and nourishing human contact and the milk of human kindness soothes this deep yearning.  Children need this special food every day if they are to thrive. 

Talk to your children about this Whole School Project.  Ask them about deeds of kindness they have received, ask them about words of kindness they have spoken.  Teach them the meaning of the word – it has great scope…you can have words of kindness, deeds of kindness, gestures of kindness…a smile can be full of kindness…. Sometimes just to refrain from passing on a mean remark is a silent act of kindness!

Join us and share your ideas about fun ways to activate the doing of kindness around our school – day by day – across classes – among parents – among teachers.  Write a note – give it to your class teacher or drop off at Reception.  Thank you.

Do not take lightly small kind deeds

believing they can hardly help.

For drops of water one by one

in time can fill a pot.

– Patrul Rinpoche